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Automation : Smartmrt
Smart MRT Unit Production System is a garment factory automation system using integrated engineering technology - a precision engineering system with computer- controlled operation system and a comprehensive management software. It is an intelligent operation system which consists of an overhead transpiration system that automatically route and deliver cut pieces to each sewing workstation sequentially. presenting an uninterrupted flow of sewing work with a minimum of material handling.
In addition to an easier pick-up and disposal at each workstation, the Smart MRT Unit Production System records all data in each workstation witlhin the line and compute them for management planning and control.
Advantages of Smart MRT Unit Production System
Key benefits of our Smart MRT unit Production System:
Productivity Increase Work In Process
Real Time Information Easy shift change
Management planning and control Sewlng time
Meeting compliance requirements Quality control
Saving management resources Less crease, less ironing
Short through-put time for production Effective resource allocation
Zero production shrinkage