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Automation : OMG – Data capturing and Monitoring Software for Weaving loom shed and Warping
Without an advanced technology in data elaboration and planning, it’s not possible
to satisfy the needs of world global market.
OMG ACW-ORD / ACW-TEX Systems give to the user a wide range of production data.
To reach a bigger success today, textile producer have to take particular care to some very important aspects, as:
VERSATILITY: Is a very important feature. Only thanks to a good versatility
a company can now adapt itself to the changing needs of the market, offering,
in this way, a better and effective service to the customers.
To be flexible is not enough to have appropriate means, you also need a good management and an accurate scheduling of your production.
The use of modern data monitoring systems give to the department’s chief all the instruments for a flexible planning of production.
PRODUCTIVITY : Must be kept under control in every process phase. An high efficiency not only means that all the machineries are working well and in the correct way, but also that stop times, maintenance interventions and others are minimized. To increase the efficiency of productive contest it is necessary that the company focus its attention on the reduction of passive times.
These improvements can be obtained providing staff, well trained and perfectly aware of the different processes, with an ACW-ORD / ACW-TEX Monitoring System for the supervision, in real time, of all the available data about productivity.
QUALITY : Can better be reached by the use of an efficient monitoring system, based on on-line informations as OMG propose with its ACW-ORD / ACW-TEX systems.
In the assesment of ACW-ORD / ACW-TEX systems you don’t have to consider only the initial investement, but also the maintenance and supporting costs as instruction, services and staff training.
For the investment make up it’s necessary an appropriate use of ACW-ORD / ACW-TEX systems.
EAC-ORD - Warping System
Preparation Department Management
Basic Components:
The system is essentially composed by:
Personal computer ( can be the same that manage weaving system ).
OMG TXC-ORD equipments( 1 for each machine )
ACR-ORW software
EAC-TEX Weaving – System
Weaving Room Production Computerisation
ACWTEX System allows production computerisation from “LAUNCH” phase to “WOVEN” piece. So it is possibile to check in real time all the weaving room from one or more remote site and have an effective tool for the working planning and a simple but detailed analysis of the previous production.
System is essentially composed by:
Personal Computer ( one or more on the same network )
Omg Txc-1t Equipments ( one for each loom )
Acwtex Software
Other Softwares that OMG Provides
ACW-Selv – Selvedge Writing designing software.
Dobby design transfer software.
Loom monitoring web connect software.